Rafael Carrabba Violins is one of the country’s finest violin shops. Musicians from around the globe have brought their instruments to our expert luthiers for repairs, restorations, and valuations. We sell instruments and bows in all price ranges. We also sell cases, strings, and accessories.  

Rafael Carrabba Violins is located on Queen Anne Hill at 405 W Galer Street in beautiful Seattle, Washington.

If you are traveling to Seattle to try one of our instruments, we can help you find a hotel close to the shop. More information? Please call us at 206-283-5566.

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Carrabba Violins

405 W Galer St
Seattle, WA 98119 
206-283-5566             email click here


Wed through Fri 9-5
Sat 10-5

Tuesdays by appointment only.

Bow repair and rehair done on Fridays, by appointment only.  

* Bows must be in anytime before 9:30 am the day of the scheduled rehair.





Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 7:30 pm PST at:
The Triple Door, 216 Union Street, Seattle, WA 98101 


Seating and dinner service begins at 6pm {All Ages}



"Dear Rafael,

When you mentioned the old term/definition of Queen Anne Hill, counterbalance, you reminded me that I have never fully expressed my gratitude to you, your superb expertise and that of your team of craftsmen, including your educated staff.

Carrabba Violins continues to be the hub and counterbalance of luthiers from the Pacific Coast to the East Coast of the United States. And beyond.

I am 90 and still playing cello - now exclusively string quartet.  Thanks to you, my cello sings.  I love it, and my two string quartet, players love it.

Rafael, you have exceeded professional, ethical and human expectations.  Your volcanic simmer of intent listening, and adjusting, until your remarkable and demanding "ear" is rewarded with a round richness of tone in every register, cannot be duplicated.

Knowing you, your ability to work with many of us, amateur to professional, has given me (and my cello) a satisfaction and trust   I  cannot duplicate.

A thousand thanks, Rafael Carrabba


Frances Walton"


My thanks for the work you've done on my cello. I am amazed at the sound it makes because of your attention to so many details. The cello has all the power in the world and has gained a more round tone. Other luthiers can't touch your work. By all means raise your prices as you have brought all of your education and work to Seattle. We musicians are so very fortunate to have you and everyone in your shop here. You deliver the quality that so many others just can't. Again all my thanks for your striving for perfection.