Rafael Carrabba Violins is one of the country’s finest violin shops. Musicians from around the globe have brought their instruments to our expert luthiers for repairs, restorations, and valuations. We sell instruments and bows in all price ranges. We also sell cases, strings, and accessories.  

Rafael Carrabba Violins is located on Queen Anne Hill at 405 W Galer Street in beautiful Seattle, Washington.

If you are traveling to Seattle to try one of our instruments, we can help you find a hotel close to the shop. More information? Please call us at 206-283-5566.

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Carrabba Violins

405 W Galer St
Seattle, WA 98119 
206-283-5566             email click here


Tues-Fri 9-5
Sat 10-5

Bow repair and rehair by appointment 




"I want to share the work of two people in my life that I draw inspiration from. One is the artist William Song. There is a simplicity and elegance about his work that I greatly admire as a craftsman. While I work in wood (measuring in millimeters the height of bridges), William intuitively creates measure and balance in his paintings. I have gained great insight into my own craft and character in viewing his creations. His website is: william-song.com

The other person that I draw inspiration from is my son, Nathan Carrabba, who is forging his path in the field of food styling. He has an innate sense for creating an image filled with depth. His website is: www.nathancarrabba.com 

In both of these men's work, I am reminded of the skill and patience it takes to master one's craft. I am grateful to have them both close to me, and I am proud to share their work with you." 

Rafael Carrabba


Seattle Times article

Rafael Carrabba Violins is the name of his business — but “violins,” in this context, is shorthand for the entire family of bowed string instruments. Carrabba is particularly celebrated for his expertise with cellos.

(Ken Lambert/The Seattle Times)

He is the son of parents who played jazz gigs together at the old clubs on First Avenue, and Carrabba’s family members were fixtures in the Seattle music scene. Aunt Lucy played piano at the legendary King Oscar’s on Aurora, and Uncle Sal served as president of the local musicians union."

Read the full article written by Thomas May Strad on the Run


Tarizio article

"It is one of the earliest Strads to retain its original label and is original in every important part. Raphael Carrabba has just spent 19 months doing a fantastic restoration; his work in my mind deserves as much credit as the Hill’s – he’s brought it back to perfection."

Tarizio.com recently highlighted the "General Kyd" Stradivari that our team of luthiers restored online. Here is the link : ‘General Kyd, Leo Stern’ Stradivari of 1684 Tarizio.com May 26, 2016