Rafael Carrabba Violins is one of the country’s finest violin shops. Musicians from around the globe have brought their instruments to our expert luthiers for repairs, restorations, and valuations. We sell instruments and bows in all price ranges. We also sell cases, strings, and accessories.  





Carrabba Violins

405 W Galer St
Seattle, WA 98119 
206-283-5566             email click here


Tues-Fri 9-5
Sat 10-5

Bow repair and rehair by appointment 



Bosendorfer Piano for sale

In the front of our shop we have had a grand piano for the last few years. It is a gorgeous Bosendorfer, 6'7" in mahogany. We are selling it for $33,000. You are welcome to come by the shop and see it, play it or speak with Rafael about it. We are hoping to find a good home for it this holiday season. You can call the shop at 206-283-5566, Rafael's cell at 206-979-8884, or email us at info@carrabbaviolins.com.



Please take note that Rafael Carrabba Violins, Inc. will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on December 24th. Thereafter, we will remain closed until Tuesday, January 3rd in observance of the Holidays.  We will not have any rehair services on the December 23rd (the last day for a rehair is December 16th). Please plan accordingly and Happy Holidays.


Tarizio article

"It is one of the earliest Strads to retain its original label and is original in every important part. Raphael Carrabba has just spent 19 months doing a fantastic restoration; his work in my mind deserves as much credit as the Hill’s – he’s brought it back to perfection."

Tarizio.com recently highlighted the "General Kyd" Stradivari that our team of luthiers restored online. Here is the link : ‘General Kyd, Leo Stern’ Stradivari of 1684 Tarizio.com May 26, 2016