Rafael Carrabba Violins is one of the country’s finest violin shops. Musicians from around the globe have brought their instruments to our expert luthiers for repairs, restorations, and valuations. We sell instruments and bows in all price ranges. We also sell cases, strings, and accessories.  

Rafael Carrabba Violins is located on Queen Anne Hill at 405 W Galer Street in beautiful Seattle, Washington.

If you are traveling to Seattle to try one of our instruments, we can help you find a hotel close to the shop. More information? Please call us at 206-283-5566.

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Carrabba Violins

405 W Galer St
Seattle, WA 98119 
206-283-5566             email click here


Wed through Fri 9-5
Sat 10-5

Tuesdays by appointment only.

Bow repair and rehair done on Fridays, by appointment only.  

* Bows must be in anytime before 9:30 am the day of the scheduled rehair.




Violin pictured has been purchased We specialize in the sale of rare, Old World violins, violas and cellos, and instruments made by the finest contemporary makers. We also have student grade violins as low as $4,000 and occasionally lower. Cellos are as low as $5,000. Whether you’re a professional musician, an avid amateur or a talented student, Carrabba Violins is dedicated to finding the right instrument for you. 

Rafael has a special talent for matching the voice of an instrument with that of its owner. Carrabba Violins prides itself on maintaining instruments purchased from our shop – adjusting sound posts, pasting pegs, checking bridges, string heights, et cetera. We are always happy to work with you to get optimal sound from your instrument.

Our inventory includes finished instruments and ones that we are currently working on. We search throughout the world to find great instruments. Our shop of luthiers restores each one for sale. Cellos are especially difficult to find. We guarantee 100% trade-in should you want to upgrade an instrument or bow purchased in our shop. If you have further questions you can email the shop or call us at 206-283-5566.

The luthiers and bow experts at Rafael Carrabba Violins work together to restore and sell some of the finest instruments in the world. The shop is considered one of the best for restoration. Each member works daily on violins, violas, cellos and bows; restoring masterpieces from centuries ago.

Restorations and Repairs

Carrabba Violins has worked on some of the world’s most cherished instruments including ones produced by Antonius Stradivarius, the Carlo Bergonzi family, Guarneri Del Jesu, the Gagliano family, the Guadagnini family, Thomas Dodd and John Betts.

Our craftsmen strive to restore and repair instruments to the finest possible condition and pay meticulous attention to the minutest details. The result is most often a powerful, soaring sound.


Rafael Carrabba Violins can offer a verbal estimate, written appraisal (often for insurance purposes) and certificates of authenticity. If you are interested in these services, please contact the shop at 206-283-5566. You will need to make and appointment and ship or bring your instrument to the shop. We offer bow appraisals as well. Please call for more information.




We carry a variety of strings, at some great prices, please call the shop to find out more, 206-283-5566



To protect your violin and have a case that will last years, consider a Musafia violin case. They are beautiful and light weight. Founded in 1983 by Dimitri Musafia, the company has a reputation for creating stong and elegant cases.  

 This picture is from their website:



BAM Cello Cases

We have, in shop, some great cases at some fantastic prices.

The BAM Newtech Cello cases are compact and sleek. They are lightweight at 12lbs and have wheels. We have two in stock, one is blue and the other copper. ________________________________________________________

The BAM Hightech Cello case is a slim, ultra-light weight case with backstraps and interior suspension fittings. It has two bow holders and a string pocket inside.